Back To Work

Making 'Back To Work' better

What do we know?

A little something can make a big difference.


We asked you recently about your Back To Work experiences, and overwhelmingly, the feedback was that the thought of returning to the workplace instills a huge mix of emotions.

Feeling excited was a common theme, but more-so was sadness, overwhelm, guilt and dread. And it’s a huge shift! You spend every day of maternity leave with your baby, firmly ensconced in that mothering bubble, and then one day, leave that behind to head back into the workplace – with a weight of expectation, a new juggle of emotions and practical childcare arrangements.

And you also told us that whilst your world had changed (immeasurably), that mostly wasn’t recognised or reflected at work.

It feels like there are only small shifts that need to happen to make this an easier process, and it’s mostly around recognition. Empathy, a hand-written card, flowers on a desk, or practical support can make all the difference.

It’s why we launched our gift boxes, we saw that partners, colleagues and friends wanted to be able to celebrate and mark the return to work, and we love packing these boxes up. But the importance is not always around a gift, it’s a simple acknowledgement that things have changed, but you (and your baby) will be just fine in this new world ❤️

So if you are a friend, a colleague, a boss or a partner, here are a few ideas on how you can make a big difference:


  • A simple handwritten card “you’ve got this, I know its hard”
  • A quick WhatsApp on the day
  • Popping round with a dinner, so it’s one less thing to think about
  •  A clear desk and a hot cup of tea (a lovely mama told us her workplace popped a framed picture of her baby on her desk!)
  • An acknowledgement that it can be tough
  • An understanding of how much difference flexibility in the workplace can make
  • Chocolate (naturally) or cake.


And if there is anything you can think we could include in our gift boxes, to make the return to work a happier experience, please make sure you let us know!

  • ‘Back-to-Work’ Mama Bundle

    0 out of 5

    We know that going back to work after maternity leave can be a big deal for new mamas, so we’ve put together a perfect giftbox of treats to celebrate this new adventure, and ease any back-to-work nerves.

    Our beautifully gift-wrapped goodies make it super easy to treat to mamas, and we’ve carefully curated the perfect items to use in the workplace or keep at home.  Our boxes can be easily personalised to suit any occasion, just contact us for something more bespoke.

    Our box selections are as follows:

    Big Box (£39) – Ola Notebook / Grey Gate Candle / Coco Chocolatier Bar / Hey! Mama Mug / Hey! Mama Greetings Card

    Midi Box (£33) – Ola Notebook / Grey Gate Candle / 2 x Coco Chocolatier Bar / Hey! Mama Greetings Card

    Little Box (£26) – Ola Notebook / Coco Chocolatier Bar / Hey! Mama Mug / Hey! Mama Greetings Card

    All beautifully wrapped in one of our foil finish gift boxes with a handwritten note.

    For any questions, please contact jo@thebabyduck.co.uk

  • ‘Hey! Mama’ Postcards

    0 out of 5

    Our beautiful ‘Hey! Mama’ motif (designed exclusively for The Baby Duck by Too Wordy) is now available as a postcard, perfect to send to any mum you might know, and a great addition to our gift boxes too.

    Either stock up with our set of 8 cards, or buy individually.

    We hope you love them as much as we do!



  • Coco Chocolatier Luxury Chocolate

    0 out of 5

    You will nearly always find these beautifully designed, and delicious, chocolate bars in our gift boxes for new mums (or not so new mums!) and we are delighted to stock this range from Coco Chocolatier.

    Choose from six delicious and unique flavours, all meticulously crafted with the world’s finest South American cocoa, before being beautifully enveloped in designs by independent artists.

    A perfect gift, along with one of our ‘Hey! Mama’ greetings cards, or added to any gift box!


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